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+# POD source for lsX man page. Convert with:
+# pod2man --stderr -s1 -c" Tools" -r0.1 lsx.pod > lsx.1
+=head1 NAME
+B<lsX> - List executables in one or more directory trees.
+=head1 SYNOPSIS
+B<lsX> [dir] {[dir] ...}
+B<lsX> lists the executables in the given directories, non-recursively.
+Non-directory arguments are ignored. If no arguments are given, B<lsX>
+exits without doing anything.
+B<lsX> always exits with zero status.
+=head1 OPTIONS
+B<-v> prints the version number and exits.
+=head1 NOTES
+When using B<lsX> with multiple directory arguments, the 2nd and any
+further directories must be absolute paths (this counts as a bug).
+B<lsX> may also be installed as B<lsx>. The name change is to avoid
+conflicting with the B<lsx> symlink included in Slackware's minicom
+package. If minicom isn't installed, B</usr/bin/lsx> will be a
+symlink to B<lsX>.
+=head1 AUTHORS
+B<lsX> was written by Anselm R. Garbe (garbeam at gmail dot com) and
+Sander van Dijk (a dot h dot vandijk at gmail dot com).
+This man page written by B. Watson for the project. It
+may be used by anyone.