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+Since syslog-ng basically supersedes klogd/syslogd daemons, stock Slackware
+sysklogd package should be removed, and leftovers cleaned up, so here are
+some things you need to do:
+Remove useless logrotate configuration:
+ rm /etc/logrotate.d/syslog
+Make syslog-ng start automatically on boot, without modifications to rc.M:
+ cd /etc/rc.d && ln -sf rc.syslog-ng rc.syslog
+ cd /usr/sbin && ln -sf syslog-ng syslogd
+To make transition even easier, i converted syslog.conf from sysklogd
+package to syslog-ng.conf format. You can find it in /etc/syslog-ng.
+Another thing worth mentioning here is rc.syslog-ng, wich is written to
+also emulate syslogd. On a successful start/stop it will copy/remove to /var/run/ so that rc.inet1 doesn't atempt
+running rc.syslog for a second time.