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@@ -2,10 +2,7 @@ After installing this package, in addition to the /usr/doc/xen-*/README file;
the Xen User Manual is installed as /usr/doc/xen-*/html.
Before Xen can be used, xenstored, xenconsoled and xenbackendd services must
-be started, which must be done with rc.xencommons script. The rc.xend script
-is no longer needed if you are going to use 'xl' instead of 'xm'. As a matter
-of fact, 'xm' is marked as deprecated since Xen 4.2. Future versions of Xen
-will no longer support 'xm'. You may wish to add these lines to
+be started with the rc.xencommons script. You may wish to add these lines to
/etc/rc.d/rc.local to start this service after booting from your Xen kernel:
if [ -d /proc/xen ]; then