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+zuluCrypt (CLI and GUI frontend to cryptsetup).
+zuluCrypt is a simple, feature rich and powerful solution for hard drives encryption.
+zuluCrypt is made up of two components:
+The back end, CLI interface is called "zuluCrypt-cli".
+The front end is Qt GUI application called "zuluCrypt-gui.
+* zuluCrypt:
+zuluCrypt does hard drives encryption and it can manage plain dm-crypt volumes,LUKS encrypted volumes,
+ TrueCrypt encrypted volumes and VeraCrypt encrypted volumes.
+zuluCrypt can manage encrypted volumes that are hosted in image files,in lvm volumes,in mdraid volumes as well as in hard drives and usb sticks.
+zuluCrypt can also encrypt stand alone files(zuluCrypt menu->zC->encrypt a file).
+* zuluMount:
+zuluMount is bundled with zuluCrypt and its meant to be used as a general purpose tool
+that mount and unmount zuluCrypt supported encrypted volumes as well as unencrypted volumes
+and it can be used as a substitute to udisks,pmount and related tools.
+zuluMount-gui can also be used as a frontend to encfs.
+zuluMount-gui is ideal for use as a desktop environment/file manager independent tool for
+mounting/unmounting encrypted and unencrypted volumes.
+* This package was set to do not use Gnome or KDE to store passwords, If you want that feature, change the value -DNOGNOME=false or
+-DNOKDE=false to "true", about these and other options, please check /usr/doc/$PRGNAM-$VERSION/BUILD_INSTRUCTIONS.
+Optional dependencies are: libpwquality, tc-play (also available as internal copy on zuluCrypt).