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+Sun Mar 5 04:30:32 UTC 2017
+academic/lapack95: New maintainer.
+desktop/gtk-theme-Greybird: Updated for version 3.22.12.
+games/FlightGear-data: Updated for version 2017.1.2.
+games/FlightGear: Updated for version 2017.1.2.
+games/chessx: Updated for version 1.4.4.
+libraries/SimGear: Updated for version 2017.1.2.
+libraries/html5lib: New maintainer
+libraries/libseccomp: Updated for version 2.3.2.
+misc/grc: Updated for version 1.10.1.
+misc/subsurface: Updated for version 4.6.3
+network/krb5: Updated for version 1.15.1.
+network/sslscan: Fix DOWNLOAD url.
+network/weechat: Fix path on x86_64
+perl/perl-Math-BigInt: Updated for version 1.999810.
+perl/perl-Sidef: Updated for version 2.36.
+python/Flask-Babel: Added (i18n/l10n support to Flask).
+python/Flask-Gravatar: Added (Flask extension for Gravatar service).
+python/Flask-HTMLmin: Added (Minimize rendered templates html).
+python/Flask-Mail: Added (Flask extension for sending email).
+python/Flask-Principal: Added (Identity management for flask).
+python/Flask-Security: Added (Simple security for Flask apps).
+python/Flask-WTF: Added (Simple integration of Flask and WTForms).
+python/PyStemmer: Added (Snowball stemming algorithms).
+python/WTForms: Added (web forms validation).
+python/alabaster: Added (Sphinx theme).
+python/babel: Update DEP.
+python/extras: Added (Python bindings for augeas).
+python/htmlmin: Added (An HTML Minifier).
+python/imagesize: Added (python library for images).
+python/linecache2: Added (Backports of the linecache python module).
+python/pyrsistent: Added (data structures).
+python/python-augeas: Update DOWNLOAD url.
+python/python-mimeparse: Added (module for parsing mime-type).
+python/snowballstemmer: Added (stemmer algorithms for python).
+python/speaklater: Added (Python module).
+python/testtools: Added (Python unit testing framework extension).
+python/traceback2: Addded (Backports of the traceback module).
+system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 0.12.0.
+system/vinterm: Fix icon/desktop installation.
+system/xen: XSA 207-210 update.
Sat Mar 4 00:29:15 UTC 2017
academic/arpack: new maintainer.
academic/ent: Fix license URL.