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-The "rdma-core" the userspace components for the Linux Kernel's
+The "rdma-core" is the userspace components for the Linux Kernel's
drivers/infiniband subsystem. Specifically this contains the
userspace libraries for the following device nodes:
diff --git a/network/rdma-core/optional_pandoc.patch b/network/rdma-core/optional_pandoc.patch
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The master "CMakeLists.txt" listed "pandoc" as an optional dependency,
-but subsequent "make install" fails is "pandoc" was missing.
+but subsequent "make install" fails if "pandoc" is missing.
This patch makes "pandoc" really optional.
diff -ru rdma-core-25.0.orig/CMakeLists.txt rdma-core-25.0/CMakeLists.txt
--- rdma-core-25.0.orig/CMakeLists.txt 2019-07-26 02:17:21.000000000 +0800