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+Wed Jun 30 05:27:29 UTC 2010
+audio/rubberband: Added (tempo/pitch changing utility)
+audio/vamp-plugin-sdk: Added (audio plugin api)
+desktop/xplanet: Added (planetary and solar system image displayer)
+development/bouml: Added (UML 2 tool box)
+games/SecondLife: Updated for version
+graphics/gthumb: Added (image viewer for gnome)
+libraries/Geraldo: Added (reports engine for Python / Django apps)
+libraries/imagick: Added (php extension for ImageMagick API)
+libraries/libssh: Updated for version 0.4.4.
+libraries/opal: Fixed to build with ffmpeg-0.6.
+libraries/podofo: Updated for version 0.8.1.
+libraries/virtualenv: Updated for version 1.4.9.
+misc/gnu-unifont: Added (GNU Unicode font)
+misc/viking: Updated for version 0.9.94.
+network/fldigi: Added (digital modem app for ham radio)
+network/googlecl: Added (CLI for some google apps)
+network/kismet: Added (NIDS tool)
+office/calibre: Updated for version 0.7.4.
+system/brasero: Added (gnome cd burning app)
+system/sftp-kio_slave: Added (sftp kio slave for kde)
Tue Jun 29 05:40:01 UTC 2010
academic/avogadro: Added (advanced molecular editor based on Qt 4)
audio/audacity: Patched to build with ffmpeg-0.6.