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diff --git a/network/loic/README b/network/loic/README
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--- a/network/loic/README
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@@ -10,10 +10,9 @@ packets, UDP packets, or HTTP requests with the intention of disrupting the
service of a particular host. People have used LOIC to join voluntary botnets.
This SlackBuild simply builds a package from the binaries included in the
-source archive. Alternatively, you may opt to recompile by passing
-MONODEVELOP=yes to the script. In this case monodevelop would be needed.
+source archive.
-In any case, you still need mono to run loic:
+mono is needed to run loic:
mono /opt/loic/LOIC.exe
diff --git a/network/loic/loic.SlackBuild b/network/loic/loic.SlackBuild
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--- a/network/loic/loic.SlackBuild
+++ b/network/loic/loic.SlackBuild
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
ARCH=noarch # Leave this alone
@@ -51,14 +51,14 @@ cd $PRGNAM-$VERSION
unzip $CWD/$PRGNAM.$
chown -R root:root .
-if [ "$MONODEVELOP" = yes ] ;then
-# This is only for those who want rebuild the binaries.
-# They would need monodevelop.
- mdtool -v build -f source/LOIC.sln
- cp -a source/bin/Debug $PKG/opt/loic
+## This broke for every monodevelop update,
+## so now it is not supported. Sorry!
+#if [ "$MONODEVELOP" = yes ] ;then
+# mdtool -v build -f source/LOIC.sln
+# cp -a source/bin/Debug $PKG/opt/loic
cp -a debug $PKG/opt/loic
# This for GUI users
mkdir -p $PKG/usr/share/applications