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+Mon Apr 6 04:12:40 UTC 2020
+development/qbs: Requires qt5-legacy.
+development/sqlitebrowser: downgrade to 3.10.1.
+graphics/qelectrotech: Requires qt5-legacy.
+graphics/scantailor: Requires qt5-legacy.
+libraries/PyQt5: Updated for version 5.13.2.
+libraries/python3-PyQt5: Updated for version 5.13.2.
+libraries/qt5-legacy: Update README
+libraries/qt5-legacy: Update to 5.9.9.
+libraries/qt5: Fix QtWebEngine
+libraries/qt5: Fix typo
+libraries/qt5: Remove old benchmarks file
+libraries/qt5: Remove patch for private includes
+libraries/qt5: Remove unneeded find for libqgsttools_p.prl
+libraries/qt5: Update README
+libraries/qt5: Update to 5.12.6
+libraries/qt5: Updated for version 5.12.7.
+network/qutebrowser: Add python3-PyQtWebEngine to REQUIRES
+python/python2-sip: Updated for version 4.19.20.
+python/python3-sip: Added private sip module
+python/python3-sip: Updated for version 4.19.20.
Sat Apr 4 02:50:46 UTC 2020
academic/fet: Updated for version 5.44.0.
academic/h5utils: Fixed the md5sum.