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+MEGA: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis
+Sophisticated and user-friendly software suite for analyzing DNA and
+protein sequence data from species and populations. MEGA can be used
+with either a graphical user interface, useful for visual exploration
+of data and results or a command-line interface (useful for batch or
+scripted execution).
+MEGA X is the GUI graphical user interface of MEGA and can be run in
+one of two modes. The first mode is the "Analyze mode" in which all
+GUI tools in MEGA are enabled and visual results explorers are
+available for tasks such as editing sequence alignments and viewing
+phylogenies. This is the mode that most MEGA users are familiar with.
+The second mode is the Prototype mode which is used solely for
+generating MEGA Analysis Options (.mao) files that specify analysis
+settings when using MEGA from a command shell (megacc). In the MEGA
+main form, click the Prototype button and then specify the type of
+input data that will be used for analysis.
+The command-line version of MEGA is 'megacc', that implements its core
+analysis functions and is useful for iterative and automated execution.
+The megacc command requires several options, including the path to a
+.mao file and paths to input data file(s) to be analyzed. For example:
+$ megacc -a myMaoFile.mao -d mySequenceAlignment.fas -o myOutput
+Note 1.
+Upon start, MEGA X will create an examples folder with the same name
+in your user's home. This is a good place to start if you are not
+familiar with MEGA.
+Note 2.
+This SlackBuild just repackages the binaries for Debian, provided from
+upstream. The RedHat packages, currently, do not have 32bit version.
+Note 3. IMPORTANT! thanks Prof. Kumar for permission to use the direct
+download URL. MEGA is not free software. Your use is subject to the
+licence agreement at:
+MEGA7: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis version 7.0 for bigger
+datasets (Kumar, Stecher, and Tamura 2015).