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+Collection of DPF-based plugins from DISTRHO.
+These come in LADSPA, DSSI, LV2 and VST2 formats, namely
+ glBars
+ Kars
+ Max-Gen examples (MaBitcrush, MaFreeverb, MaGigaverb, MaPitchshift)
+ Mini-Series (3BandEQ. 3BandSplitter, PingPongPan)
+ ndc-Plugs (Amplitude Imposer, Cycle Shifter, Soul Force)
+ MVerb
+ Nekobi
+ ProM
+LV2_ONLY=yes may be set to ommit building ladspa, dssi and vst plugins.
+Optional dependencies: jack,dssi,projectM
+This build conflicts with "distrho-mini-series" from SBo, as that build
+is a subset of DPF-Plugins.