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+connie (organ synth for JACK)
+connie is a simple simulation of an electronic organ like e.g. Vox
+Continental, with JACK MIDI input and JACK audio output. Its design
+is lightweight, allowing it to be used on lower-end machines that
+might not be able to handle heavier synths (the author describes it as
+By default, connie is built with SSE math support. If installing on a
+system without SSE ("grep sse /proc/cpuinfo" will tell you), set SSE=no
+in the script's environment.
+connie's standard user interface is console-based. If you want to also
+build a simple Qt user interface, set QT=yes in the script's environment.
+The Qt version is called connie_qt4. It accepts the same arguments as
+the terminal version, but doesn't support any keyboard commands.
+This package uses POSIX filesystem capabilities to execute with
+elevated privileges (required for realtime audio processing). This
+may be considered a security/stability risk. Please read
+ for more information. To disable
+capabilities, pass SETCAP=no to the script.