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-decibel-audio-player (GTK+ audio player for GNU/Linux)
-Decibel Audio Player is a GTK+ open-source (GPL) audio player for
-GNU/Linux. It is very straightforward to use thanks to a clean and
-user-friendly interface. It is especially targeted at Gnome and follows
-the Gnome HIG.
-Decibel Audio Player is built around a highly modular structure that
-lets the user disable completely the features he does not need. A
-disabled feature uses absolutely no memory and no processor time.
-Decibel Audio Player is a real audio player and does not include
-features that are not meant to be part of an audio player. These
-features, such as tagging files or burning CDs, generally have a better
-support in dedicated software. If you are looking for an audio player
-than can make coffee, then you should stay away from Decibel and give a
-try to other players (e.g., Amarok, Exaile).