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-flake (open-souce FLAC audio encoder)
-Flake is an open-souce FLAC audio encoder. It was developed as an
-independent implementation of the FLAC specification, and is meant
-to be an alternative to the FLAC reference encoder.
-While Flake does not yet have many of the advanced features of the
-reference encoder, it does have the benefit of faster encoding.
- * Commandline encoder frontend
- * libflake library which can be used by other programs
- * Fast encoding
- * Compression modes which closely mirror the reference encoder,
-plus additional modes for higher compression
- * A variety of LPC order search methods, each of which has its
-own speed vs. compression tradeoff
- * Variable block size encoding: an experimental feature which
-is allowed as part of the specification, but is not currently
-implemented in the reference encoder.