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-fluidsynth (software synthesizer)
-FluidSynth is a software real-time synthesizer based on the Soundfont
-2 specifications. FluidSynth reads and handles MIDI events from the
-MIDI input device. It is the software analogue of a MIDI synthesizer.
-FluidSynth can also play MIDI files using a Soundfont.
-Optional dependencies: ladspa_sdk, lash, portaudio, jack, SDL2,
-libinstpatch. These are autodetected at build time, but can be
-disabled via the environment.
-Build options (environment variables):
-IPATCH=yes|no - libinstpatch (DLS and GIG soundfonts). Default: yes.
-JACK=yes|no - JACK audio output, if present. Default: yes.
-LADSPA=yes|no - LADSPA plugins, if present. Default: yes.
-LASH=yes|no - LASH session management, if present. Default: yes.
-OSS=yes|no - old-style OSS audio output. Default: no.
-PORTAUDIO=yes|no - PortAudio audio output, if present. Default: yes.
-PULSE=yes|no - PulseAudio audio output. Default: yes.
-SDL2=yes|no - SDL2 audio output, if present. Default: yes.