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-Playmp3list is a simple MP3 playlist player for Linux. It is based
-extensively on the mp3blaster code and uses the same mpegsound
-Main features:
- o Displays a large scrollable playlist
- o Browse playlists, directories and 'virtual playlists', even while
- playing
- o Fully configurable key mappings and color schemes in a
- playmp3listrc file
- o Real-time toggling of shuffle/repeat modes
- o Instant jumps to one of 10 configurable directories/playlists
- o Standard player controls
- o PCM volume changing
- o Time elapsed and song format displays
- o Optional ID3v1 tag extraction in the playlist
- o Full/short (beautified) filename display in playlist
- o Command-line options to quickly override rc file settings
- o Uses mpg123 for decoding