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+Wavbreaker is a GTK wave file splitter for Linux and Unix-like operating
+systems licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
+This application's purpose in life is to take a wave file and break it
+up into multiple wave files. It makes a clean break at the correct
+position to burn the files to an audio cd without any dead air between
+the tracks. It will only read wave files, so use an appropriate tool
+such as SoX to convert other filetypes (e.g., ogg, mp3, etc.) and then
+break them up. Also included is a command line tool, wavmerge, which
+merges wave files together. This tool will only work on files that are
+alike. For example, 44100 khz sample rate, 16-bit sample size, etc.
+Wavbreaker should compile and work on a stock Slackware system, but
+optionally supports PulseAudio (which does not appear to be currently
+available on