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-LX-Colors-themes (GTK2/GTK3/Openbox themes)
-This is a series of GTK2/GTK3/Openbox themes not only in each of the
-official seven Shiki-Colors color schemes, but there are also five
-different styles available as well:
- * Light: Kinda like Elementary (just use Elementary or something
- similar as your Metacity/Unity/Cinnamon/etc. theme)
- * Mixed: Like the light version, except with dark menus.
- * NeoShiki: A GTK2/3 Shiki-Colors remake. For this style as well as the
- two after it, I have also posted a link to the original Shiki-Colors
- themes so that you can download the Metacity themes, which I have
- designed these themes to seamlessly integrate with.
- * Obsidian: Dark, but with a white base and black text for
- compatibility with some websites, plus its also the basis for some
- of the other color variations I have in mind that Ill be creating
- later.
- * PitchDark: A true dark variation.
-In other words, there are 35 themes in all! Moreover, they are available
-either sorted by color scheme or by style. The names will be reversed so
-that they show up in order by your choice of color or style, but all the
-contents are identical.
-As an added bonus, there are some other color variations I have in mind
-with these themes, which will be periodically released on here, along
-with matching GNOME-Colors-styled icon themes, so stay tuned!
-Optional dependencies: gtk-engines, murrine.