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-awoken-icon-theme (gnome icon theme)
-AwOken Icon Theme for GNOME, XFCE, LXDE and other DEs|WMs GTK+.
-AwOken icon theme is a full Token-style iconset for GNOME, designed to
-be complete and stylish. Choose it if you want to change significantly
-your desktop experience.
-This icon set comes with three different, ready-to-use themes: AwOken,
-AwOkenDark, and AwOkenWhite. As suggested by their names, AwOken is
-the classic monochrome grayish version, AwOkenDark is the black flavour,
-and AwOkenWhite is the white declination.
-Furthermore, inside the package there is a customization script that
-gives the possibility to change between:
- - 100^3 colors
- - 123 distributor logos (this number is growing according to requests)
- - 46 folder types