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-cathexis-suite-themes (GTK2|GTK3|OpenBox|Slim themes)
-CathexiS is simple, minimal, distraction free foundation for building
-your desktop experience. It's a dark theme which will stay in
-background while you work but at the same time it can be really
-attractive when you want to show your desktop around.
-Your Openbox desktop can look really nice with this suite.
-This package provides:
-* Colors >> new base colors;
-* GTK2 Theme >> fixed many different bugs, changed buttons and tab
- style;
-* GTK3 Theme >> is new and it's tested with gtk 3.8. Now it looks
- much closer to the GTK2 theme and your GTK3 apps will look nice;
-* Openbox Theme >> changed some text colors to fit new base colors;
-* Tint2 Theme >> changed some text colors to fit new base colors;
-* Conky Theme >> no more errors when starting, changed some colors
- font sizes and elements;
-* SliM Theme >> added slim theme read readme.txt to check how to
- install and enable it;
-* Rxvt Terminal >> added my .Xdefaults and .bashrc files to make
- terminal fit cathexis style;
-* NCMPCPP Config >> if you use ncmpcpp to listen your music, a
- config file is provided;
-* Wallpapers >> added new dark wallpaper 1920x1200px.
-Optional dependencies: gtk-engines, murrine, gtk-engines-unico.
-This suggests: ttf-coda, ttf-inconsolata.