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openbox-menu (pipemenu for Openbox window manager)
-Openbox-menu is a pipemenu for Openbox window manager.
-It provides a dynamic menu listing installed applications.
-Most of the work is done by the LXDE library menu-cache.
+Openbox-menu is a pipemenu for Openbox window manager. It provides a
+dynamic menu listing installed applications. Most of the work is done
+by the LXDE library menu-cache.
-Optional dependencies: gnome-menus, lxmenu-data.
+Optional dependencie: gnome-menus.
+To use, get a copy of menu.xml located in /usr/doc/openbox-menu-0.7.0
+and put into ~/.config/openbox, after run:
+$ openbox --reconfigure
+In menu.xml these programs are included (thunar, leafpad, sakura, opera,
+obmenu, obconf, lxappearance, obsession, nitrogen, gmrun), all available
+on SlackBuilds, change if needed.