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-Mk4tcl - Tcl binding for Metakit embedded database library
-Metakit is an efficient embedded database library with a small
-footprint. It fills the gap between flat-file, relational,
-object-oriented, and tree-structured databases, supporting
-relational joins, serialization, nested structures, and instant schema
-evolution. There is a C++ API, a Python binding called Mk4py, and a Tcl
-binding called Mk4tcl. You can manipulate and exchange data between
-any of these.
-Data files are portable. The library has been used on Unix, Windows,
-Macintosh, VMS, and others, spanning a range of 16- to 64-bit
-architectures, from PDA's to S390's.
-Metakit is in use in various commercial projects and products on
-millions of desktops.