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+AVR8 Burn-O-Mat is a cross-platform GUI for avrdude written in Java.
+It simplifies programing and configuration of AVR microcontrollers
+with easy to use dialogs.
+From author's homepage:
+To burn Atmel microcontrollers with Linux you may use avrdude like I do.
+But sometimes you may wish a more comfortable way to do this without
+knowing hundreds of command line options and without the need of a
+calculator to calculate the hex codes for the fuses. Thats why I decided
+to write a graphical user interface that make it easy to read and write
+fuses, EEPROM and program memory.
+Dependencies: avrdude (available at SBo), Java SE Runtime Environment
+(already in Slackware). These dependencies are required to use the
+application and not for creating the package.