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-The main purpose for cmake-202x is to allow SlackBuild scripts to
-build software that needs a cmake newer than the version that ships
-with Slackware 14.2.
-If you're writing a new SlackBuild or updating an old one, and you're
-using cmake.template, but you get an error complaining that CMake is
-too old, here's how to use this:
-1. Change the "cmake" command in your SlackBuild to
- /opt/cmake-202x/bin/cmake. In context, it will look like:
- mkdir -p build
- cd build
- export "PATH=/opt/cmake-202x/bin:$PATH"
- cmake \
- ...etc, etc.
-2. Add cmake-202x to the REQUIRES in your .info file.
-That's it. Your SlackBuild shouldn't need any other changes. If you
-want to look at a complete SlackBuild script that uses cmake-202x,
-see academic/bibletime.
-Note: If you're using cmake interactively (developing software outside
-the context of SlackBuild scripts), there are a couple of things you
-might want to add to your .bash_profile to make things smoother:
- export PATH=/opt/cmake-202x/bin:$PATH
- export MANPATH=/opt/cmake-202x/man:$MANPATH
-Then when you type "cmake", you'll get the new version. Also "man
-cmake" will show the man page for the new version. You *don't* need
-this stuff in a SlackBuild script!