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+Tools for people envious of nvidia's blob driver.
+* docs: plain-text documentation of the GPUs, nVidia binary driver, and
+ the tools (in-sync HTML version at
+* envydis: Disassembler and assembler for various ISAs found on nvidia GPUs
+* rnn: Tools and libraries for rules-ng-ng XML register database format
+* rnndb: rnn database of nvidia MMIO registers, FIFO methods, and memory
+ structures
+* nvbios: Tools to decode card description structures found in nvidia VBIOS
+* vstream: Tools to decode and encode raw video bitstreams
+* easm: Utility code dealing with assembly language parsing & printing
+* util: Misc utility code shared between envytools modules
+* nva: Tools to directly access the GPU registers
+* hwtest: undocumented tool
+* vdpow: A tool aiding in VP3 reverse engineering
+* nvapy: undocumented tool
+ (requires optional dependency python3)
+* cupti_trace:
+ tool for REing performance counters
+ (requires optional dependency cudatoolkit)
+* demmt: undocumented tool
+ (sandboxing requires optional dependency libseccomp)
+The nva, hwtest and vdpow tools are built by default, but can be disabled,
+for example
+ NVA="no" HWTEST="no" VDPOW="no" ./envytools.SlackBuild
+Note that if the nva tool is disabled, the hwtest and vdpow tools will
+also be disabled.
+Optional dependencies (see above): cudatoolkit, libseccomp, and python3