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+This gcc5 package can be installed alongside Slackware's gcc-7 packages.
+These version 7 compilers can sometimes be quite a bit more strict about
+what they accept as valid code. As a consequence, you will regularly run
+into compilation issues with software. Not just the software made with
+the scripts on, but also some of the software in
+the Slackware core distribution requires patches in order to get them
+to compile.
+Still having the gcc version 5 compilers can sometimes be a lifesaver.
+Particulars of the gcc5 package:
+- The gcc5 binaries were given a suffix '-5' to make them stand apart
+ from Slackware's default compilers.
+- The gcc5 package only contains the C, C++ and Java language compilers.
+- One all-encompassing package is built by the SlackBuild script.
+- Profile scripts are added to /etc/profile.d/. You can 'source'
+ the profile script to prefer the gcc-5 compilers over gcc-7.
+- On 64bit Slackware, the gcc5.SlackBuild will detect an existing gcc
+ multilib compiler and will then build a multilib capable gcc5.
+ If you run pure 64bit Slackware, then a pure 64bit gcc5 package is built.
+How to use these gcc5 compilers instead of Slackware's default C and C++?
+In your console or terminal, you 'source' the provided profile script,
+like this (a c-shell compatible script is available as well):
+ source /etc/profile.d/
+The command 'source' is equivalent to the dot command ' . '.
+The profile script will (re-)define the common variables that are used
+by make and other programs to determine which binary to run as the compiler:
+export CC=gcc-5
+export CPP=cpp-5
+export CXX=g++-5
+export AR=gcc-ar-5
+export NM=gcc-nm-5
+export RANLIB=gcc-ranlib-5
+Nothing else needs to be done after sourcing the profile script.
+All you do next is run your compile job as usual in that same console.
+Your program will be compiled with the binaries provided by the gcc5 package.
+** The temporary build location used by the script (defaulting here to /tmp/SBo)
+** should *NOT* be a directory path a non-root user could create later...