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-GNUstep is a free, object-oriented, cross-platform development
-environment that strives for simplicity and elegance. GNUstep is
-based on and completely compatible with the OpenStep specification
-developed by NeXT (now Apple Computer Inc.) as well as implementing
-the extensions added by Apple in the form of Cocoa.
-The GNUstep Startup package combines all four core packages (Make, Base,
-GUI and Backend), plus ffcall.
-This is the message after compiling from source, because the files
-are then put in a package you will miss it:
-Installation Finished
-Now run the GNUstep initialization script (put this in your
-.bashrc or other type of startup script). Note the '.' at the
-beginning of the line.
-. /opt/gnustep/System/Library/Makefiles/
-Now you can install some applications and start using GNUstep
-Look for a few applications in the AppSources directory. The
-typical way to install an application is:
- tar -zxf MyApplication.tar.gz
- cd MyApplication
- make
- make install (as root, unless GNUstep is in your home dir)
-Then start the application:
- openapp