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The SciTE.SlackBuild is now also available from git: git://
+Changes in Version 3.2.0:
+- allows Ctrl to be used with mouse double and triple clicks to add words and lines to the selection.
+- can define a button as the default in strips.
+- can save files automatically in the background and scripts can create user interfaces as strips.
+- supports printing on GTK+ 2.x and uses fractional positioning in more situations.
+Changes in Version 3.0.2:
In version 3.02 SciTE's GTK+3 support has still improved, it will integrate nicely into the Gnome3
Desktop and use Adwaita or any other GTK+3 theme, if installed.
It now saves files in the background and can print on GTK+3.
+Changes in Version 2.29:
Since 2.29 it always draws with Cairo on GTK+, gdk-pixbuf is no longer needed - compilation errors with GSB-Desktop installed at the same time are gone.
The handling of the "properties" files has been changed again to avoid the replacement
of existing settings.
+In general:
All examples can be found now in /usr/doc/scite-$ver as it seems the right place to put them.
The also got the extension "new" to mark them as templates.
The main file doesn't get altered anymore from within the SlackBuild (with one exception),but if you made changes to your existing file, you need to back it up,
@@ -21,6 +32,6 @@ For example with Bluefish installed the help pages might open with Bluefish inst
As a full Slackware installation installs Seamonkey, the mozilla command should make sure to open the help pages in a browser.
If you prefer the system standard browser instead, comment out line 51/52 of the SlackBuild.
The in your home directory stays untouched and will not be invalidated anymore from the changes in
Finally the CFLAGS have been removed from the SlackBuild, as the makefiles of Scintilla and Scite use those flags, which had been replaced before, now by default.
+For v3.20 there are many more options in the (all I could find), but most of them are commented out.
+Please review those files and make your changes before using them.