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-SPL is a powerful and feature-rich scripting language with hashes,
-regular expressions, objects, exceptions and a c-style syntax.
-The SPL VM is a pure bytecode interpeter. The entire SPL toolchain
-(compiler, assembler, virtual machine, etc) only requires about
-100k and the additional memory usage by the applications is also
-small. One of the more advanced VM features is the capability to
-dump the entire VM state to a file and resume later. It is even
-possible to resume on another machine with a different architecture.
-SPL has support for loadable modules. The spl package contains
-modules for databases (SQLite, Postgres, MySQL), XML (incl. XPATH
-and XSLT), Terminal and File IO, Web Application development
-(the CGI, WSF and W2T (Web 2.0 Toolkit) modules), SDL, Qt3, OpenGL
-and more.
-SPL can optionally be compiled with support for Postgres.
-The SlackBuild script will install Vim syntax highlighting for SPL,
-but it still must be activated in the user's .vimrc before it will
-activated. See /usr/doc/spl for programming examples and a language