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-tyrutils-ericw is a branch of Tyrann's quake 1 tools, focused on adding
-lighting features, mostly borrowed from q3map2. There are a few bugfixes
-for qbsp as well. Original readme follows:
-A collection of command line utilities for building Quake levels
-and working with various Quake file formats. I need to work on the
-documentation a bit more, but below are some brief descriptions of
-the tools.
-Included utilities:
- qbsp - Used for turning a .map file into a playable .bsp file.
- light - Used for lighting a level after the bsp stage.
- This util was previously known as TyrLite
- vis - Creates the potentially visible set (PVS) for a bsp.
- bspinfo - Print stats about the data contained in a bsp file.
- bsputil - Simple tool for manipulation of bsp file data.