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@@ -13,7 +13,13 @@ The Aleph One version of Tempus Irae includes both Tempus Irae and
Tempus Irae 2: The Lost Levelsi.
Included in the package is a shell script wrapper. Type "tempus-irae"
-or select Tempus Irae from the KDE or XFCE "Games" menu.
+or select Tempus Irae from the KDE or XFCE "Games" menu.
+The archive is optional and if present the
+Tempus Irae Enhanced Hi Res Landscapes will be installed too. This will
+require at least 64mb VRAM to be available.
To install the gamedata in /opt instead of /usr to save space in the
-root partition use use OPT=yes ./Tempus-Irae.SlackBuild
+root partition use use:
+ OPT=yes ./Tempus-Irae.SlackBuild