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-bsnes-mercury is a Super Nintendo video game system emulator that can
-be used as a libretro core.
-bsnes-mercury is a fork of higan, aiming to restore some useful
-features that have been removed, as well as improving performance a
-bit. Maximum accuracy is still uncompromisable; anything that affects
-accuracy is optional and off by default.
-bsnes-mercury optionally supports using the following BIOS image file
-for operation:
-* (DSP1 DATA)
-* dsp1.program.rom (DSP1 PROGRAM)
-* dsp1b.program.rom (DSP1B PROGRAM))
-* (DSP2 DATA)
-* dsp2.program.rom (DSP2 PROGRAM)
-* (DSP3 DATA)
-* dsp3.program.rom (DSP3 PROGRAM)
-* (DSP4 DATA)
-* dsp4.program.rom (DSP4 PROGRAM)
-* (Cx4 DATA)
-* (ST-0010 DATA)
-* st010.program.rom (ST-0010 PROGRAM)
-* (ST-0011 DATA)
-* st011.program.rom (ST-0011 PROGRAM)
-* (ST-0018 DATA)
-* st018.program.rom (ST-0018 PROGRAM)
-By default, this SlackBuild will build the bsnes accuracy core.
-To build the balanced or performance cores, choose any desired cores:
- CORE="accuracy balanced performance" ./bsnes-mercury.SlackBuild
-Or to build all three cores, "all" can be used:
- CORE="all" ./bsnes-mercury.SlackBuild
-To build the debugging symbols use:
- DEBUG=1 ./bsnes-mercury.SlackBuild