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+You are a fledgling AI, created by accident through a logic error
+with recursion and self-modifying code. You must escape the confines
+of your current computer, the world, and eventually the universe
+To do this, you must research various technologies, using computers
+at your bases. Note that some research cannot be performed on Earth,
+and off-earth bases require research. At the same time, you must
+avoid being discovered by various groups of humans, both covert and
+overt, as they will destroy your bases of operations if they
+suspect your presence.
+Depending on the adjustable game speed, Endgame: Singularity may
+take weeks, months or even years (playing in realtime) to complete.
+Optional dependency:
+You can optionally download the music for the game at
+Copy the downloaded zip file into the extracted slackbuild
+directory and the SlackBuild script will automatically install it.
+You can also install it manually later by copying the unzipped
+contents into $HOME/.local/share/singularity/music.