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-mupen64plus-libretro is mupen64plus + GLideN64 + libretro.
-This package was previously called GLupeN64.
-How is this different from parallel-n64?
-mupen64plus-libretro implements multiple Graphics plugins. There are also
-code modifications that make it different than standalone mupen64plus.
-Mupen64Plus uses GLideN64 (a graphics plugin that is not available in
-mupen64plus-libretro). The emulator code itself is identical to
-standalone mupen64plus.
-By choosing one graphics plugin (GLideN64), we will be able to keep the
-code in line with upstream, and maintaining the code will be much simpler.
-mupen64plus-libretro optionally supports using OpenGL ES 2 and OpenGL ES 3
-instead of OpenGL which will require support in the libretro frontend, video
-card and driver. This can be done by building mupen64plus-libretro with:
- GLES=1 ./mupen64plus-libretro.SlackBuild
- GLES3=1 ./mupen64plus-libretro.SlackBuild
-To build the debugging symbols use:
- DEBUG=1 ./mupen64plus-libretro.SlackBuild