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+.TH O2EM "1" "January 2011" "" "User Commands"
+o2em \- Emulator for Odyssey II and VideoPac+ systems
+.B o2em
+O2EM is an open source Odyssey2 / Videopac console emulator.
+Cartridge ROM image.
+\fINOTE:\fR Unlike most programs, o2em requires the file argument
+first, before any options.
+Help display
+Window size (1\-4)
+Full screen mode
+Show help
+Enable scanlines
+Turn off sound emulation
+Turn off voice emulation
+Set sound volume (0\-100)
+Set voice volume (0\-100)
+Enable low-pass audio filter
+Start the emulator in
+debug mode
+Relative speed
+(100 = original)
+Turn off speed limiter
+Set the O2 bios file name/dir
+Set the O2 bios path
+(default= bios/)
+Set the O2 roms Path
+(default= roms/)
+Set the screenshot file
+Use European timing /
+50Hz mode
+Use special 3K program/
+1K data ROM mode
+Use 3K rom mapping mode
+Define stick n mode/keys (n=1\-2, see \fBo2em.txt\fR)
+Start the emulator with
+french Odyssey 2 BIOS
+Start the emulator
+with VP+ BIOS
+Start the emulator with
+french VP+ bios
+Set Scoretype to m (see \fBo2em.txt\fR)
+Set Scoreaddress to n
+(decimal value)
+Set Output-Scorefile to
+file (highscore.txt)
+Set Highscore to n
+Load/Save State
+from/to file
+These are the default key bindings, and can be changed
+on the command line or in the config file.
+\fBArrow keys + L\fR
+Default joystick 1 emulation
+\fBW,D,S,A + Space\fR
+Default joystick 2 emulation
+\fBESC or F12\fR
+Leave the emulator
+Save State\-File
+Load State\-File
+Enter debugger
+Reset emulator (same as pressing the reset on the O2 keyboard)
+Inject Highscore
+Make a screen shot
+\fBCaps Lock\fR
+Enables/Disables the O2 keyboard input of the keys used by
+joystick emulation
+Shell script wrapper. Sets up ~/.o2em if needed, runs the actual
+binary. This is required because o2em was ported from DOS, and
+expects to be run in its own directory; with the wrapper, it
+behaves like a proper UNIX program (run anywhere, writes only
+to ~/.o2em).
+The actual o2em binary. Normally, you don't want to run this
+directly (let the wrapper run it for you).
+BIOS ROM images. At minimum, \fBo2rom.bin\fR must exist. To use the
+\fB\-jopac\fR, or
+options, the appropriate BIOS image must be located here (see below).
+The emulator checks the CRC of the ROM images,
+and will refuse to start with an image it doesn't recognize. The correct
+files are:
+c52.bin (md5sum f1071cdb0b6b10dde94d3bc8a6146387)
+g7400.bin (md5sum c500ff71236068e0dc0d0603d265ae76)
+jopac.bin (md5sum 279008e4a0db2dc5f1c048853b033828)
+o2rom.bin (md5sum 562d5ebf9e030a40d6fabfc2f33139fd)
+These are the same files used by MESS, except o2rom.bin is called
+o2bios.rom by MESS.
+Voice samples, used to emulate the Odyssey2's speech synthesis chip.
+Working directory for o2em. Will be created by shell script wrapper
+the first time it's run. All save\-state and screenshot files will be
+written here. The BIOS image, cartridge images, and voice samples will
+be symlinked into this directory by the wrapper script.
+Config file (optional). See o2em.txt for details.
+Full documentation for o2em.
+o2em was originally created by Daniel Boris, and has been developed by
+Andre de la Rocha since version 0.80 and Arlindo M. de Oliveira since version 1.16.
+This manual page was written by B. Watson for the project (but
+may be used by anyone for any reason).
+Wrapper script also by B. Watson.