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+.TH ODAMEX "6" "December 2011" "" "Games"
+odamex \- Source port of Doom engine, with client/server multiplayer.
+.B odamex
+.B odasrv
+.B odalaunch
+Odamex (Online Doom Multiplayer Experience) is a modification of DOOM
+to allow players to compete with each other over the Internet using the
+client/server architecture.
+\fBodamex\fR is the client, also used for single\-player games.
+\fBodasrv\fR is the dedicated server (which runs in a tty).
+\fBodalaunch\fR is the server browser, used for finding multiplayer games
+on the 'net. It launches \fBodamex\fR with appropriate arguments.
+\fBodamex\fR is a source port of the Doom engine. It requires the data (aka WAD)
+file from one or more of the supported games. See \fBWAD FILES\fR, below, for a full
+.SS File Options
+\fB\-iwad\fR \fI<wadfile>\fR
+The IWAD file to use (in other words, which game to play). The filename extension
+\fI.wad\fR or \fI.WAD\fR is not required, and the name is case\-insensitive. See
+\fBWAD FILES\fR, below, for more information.
+Colon\-separated list of directories to search for WAD files, including the IWAD. See
+\fBWAD FILES\fR, below, for more information.
+\fB\-file\fR \fI<wadfile>\fR
+Add a PWAD (patch WAD). Used for custom levels, music, etc. Does NOT work
+if using the shareware IWAD (doom1.wad).
+\fB\-config\fR \fI<configfile>\fR
+Use \fIconfigfile\fR instead of the default config file (which is
+\fB\-confile\fR \fI<scriptfile>\fR
+Execute the console commands in \fIscriptfile\fR at startup.
+\fB\-deh\fR \fI<dehacked-file>\fR
+Load a .deh file. Used for game mods.
+\fB\-bex\fR \fI<bex-file>\fR
+Load a .bex file. Used for game mods.
+.SS Game Options
+\fB\-warp\fR \fI<level>\fR
+Skip the intro, start the game at the given level. For Doom I and its variants,
+the level is given as a 2\-digit number (episode and map, e.g. \fB21\fR for
+episode 2, map 1). For Doom II and variants,
+the level is just the level number.
+Self\-explanatory. Usually used for multiplayer deathmatch games.
+\fB\-timer\fR \fI<minutes>\fR
+Force levels to end after specified number of minutes.
+"Austin Virtual Gaming" mode, equivalent to \fB\-timer 20\fR.
+Fast monster mode (similar to "Nightmare" difficulty level).
+Monsters respawn after being killed (similar to "Nightmare" difficulty level).
+\fB\-skill\fR \fI<skill-level>\fR
+Set skill level (useful with \fB\-warp\fR). Level is a number from 1 to 5, where
+1 is "I'm Too Young To Die" and 5 is "Nightmare".
+.SS Video/Audio Options
+\fB\-width\fR \fI<pixels>\fR, \fB\-height\fR \fI<pixels>\fR
+Set video mode.
+\fB\-novideo\fR, \fB\-nosound\fR, \fB\-nomusic\fR, \fB\-nomouse\fR
+Disable various features.
+.SS Network Options
+\fB\-port\fR \fI<port>\fR
+Set the UDP port to use for netplay. Default is 10667.
+\fB\-connect\fR \fI<server>\fR
+Connect to netplay server \fIserver\fR on startup.
+\fB\-maxclients\fR \fI<count>\fR
+Set maximum number of allowed clients for dedicated server.
+.SS Demo Options
+\fB\-record \fI<demoname>\fR
+Record a single\-player demo.
+\fB\-playdemo \fI<demoname>\fR
+Play a previously\-recorded single\-player demo.
+\fB\-netrecord \fI<demoname>\fR
+Record a network demo.
+\fB\-netplay \fI<demoname>\fR
+Play a previously\-recorded network demo.
+.SS Undocumented Options
+\fB\-heapsize \fI<size>\fR
+Set the heap size. Not obvious what this is good for.
+\fBodamex\fR (and Doom\-related games in general) load all game resources
+such as graphics, sound, and levels from a file known as an IWAD file.
+\fBodamex\fR supports the following IWAD files:
+\fBdoom2f.wad\fR, \fBdoom2.wad\fR
+Doom II v1.9
+Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment v1.9
+Final Doom: TNT Evilution Experiment v1.9
+\fBdoomu.wad\fR, \fBdoom.wad\fR
+Ultimate Doom v1.9
+Shareware Doom v1.9
+\fBfreedoom.wad\fR, \fBfreedm.wad\fR
+FreeDoom v0.6.2
+Chex Quest
+If no \-iwad argument is given, \fBodamex\fR looks for each IWAD file
+in the order listed above, and uses the first one found.
+If \-iwad is given, \fBodamex\fR looks only for the named IWAD file. In
+either case,
+the WAD filenames
+can be in all\-lowercase or all\-uppercase.
+\fBodamex\fR also requires the file \fBodamex.wad\fR, which is part of \fBodamex\fR
+and is installed with it. This file must be found at runtime, or the application
+will abort.
+When searching for WAD files (odamex.wad, the IWAD, or a PWAD for the \-file option),
+\fBodamex\fR searches the following directories, in order:
+The current directory.
+The argument of the \-waddir option, if given.
+The path(s) listed in the \fBDOOMWADDIR\fR environment variable.
+The path(s) listed in the \fBDOOMWADPATH\fR environment variable.
+The user's home directory.
+The contents of the \fBwaddirs\fR cvar.
+The hard\-coded path \fB/usr/share/games/doom\fR.
+\-waddir, the waddirs cvar, DOOMWADDIR, and DOOMWADPATH are colon\-separated
+lists of directories.
+Config file \fBodamex.cfg\fR is located here. Will be created if it
+doesn't already exist. Also, saved games and recorded demos are stored here.
+Colon\-separated lists of directories to search for WAD files.
+WAD files are also searched for here.
+See the SDL documentation for use of these.
+Dean "deathz0r" Joseph
+Alex "AlexMax" Mayfield
+Ralph "Ralphis" Vickers
+This man page written by B. Watson for the project,
+but it may be freely used by anyone for any purpose.