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-PicoDrive is a Sega 8/16 bit video game system emulator that can be
-used as a libretro core or with the standalone sdl frontend.
-This is yet another Megadrive / Genesis / Sega CD / Mega CD / 32X / SMS
-emulator, which was written having ARM-based handheld devices in mind
-(such as smartphones and handheld consoles like GP2X and Pandora),
-but also runs on non-ARM little-endian hardware too.
-RetroArch is an optional dependency to run the libretro core.
-PicoDrive requires a real BIOS for Sega CD/Mega CD emulation to work.
-* bios_CD_E.bin (MegaCD EU BIOS)
-* bios_CD_U.bin (SegaCD US BIOS)
-* bios_CD_J.bin (MegaCD JP BIOS)
-For the standalone emulator they can be placed in ~/.picodrive/ or for
-the libretro core they should be placed in RetroArch's system/bios
-To build the debugging symbols use:
- DEBUG=1 ./picodrive.SlackBuild