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+TinTin++ is a terminal-based MUD/MOO/MUSH client designed to be light
+and extensible. It includes a custom scripting language which supports
+event triggers, timers, aliases, and speedwalking among other features. It
+also supports the inclusion of external scripting languages such as perl,
+python, or ruby via system calls.
+TinTin++ supports MCCP (Mud Client Compression Protocol), MMCP (Mud Master
+Chat Protocol), xterm 256 colors, most TELNET options used by MUDs, as
+well as those required to login via telnet on Linux / Mac OS X servers,
+and an auto mapper with a VT100 map display. Being a console client
+TinTin++ works with most screen readers, and its non graphical command
+interface makes the client particularly screen reader / blind friendly.
+Note: Executable is installed as /usr/bin/tt++ by default.