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This is an enhanced client for Id Software's legendary Quake II. It focuses on
single-player. Features include rock-solid stability and AMD64 support.
-OpenAL is a recommended optional dependency. Install it first, then
- WITH_OPENAL=yes ./yamagi-quake2.SlackBuild
+OpenAL and SDL2 are recommended optional dependencies.
Before playing, copy your Quake2 data files into the appropriate subdirectories
of /usr/share/quake2. Please refer to the README files in
-/usr/doc/yamagi-quake2-5.31/ for details.
+/usr/doc/yamagi-quake2-5.34/ for details.
To get a reasonable default configuration, copy
-/usr/doc/yamagi-quake2-5.31/yq2.cfg to your baseq2 directory.
+/usr/doc/yamagi-quake2-5.34/yq2.cfg to your baseq2 directory.