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diff --git a/gis/gpsd/ b/gis/gpsd/
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@@ -25,9 +25,9 @@ The following features may be enabled (by default they are disabled).
set fixed serial port speed
set fixed serial port stop bits
- limited_max_clients=n
+ max_clients=n
set maximum allowed clients
- limited_max_devices=n
+ max_devices=n
set maximum allowed devices
@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@ enabled).
mtk3301 disable MTK-3301 support
navcom disable Navcom support
netfeed disable support for handling TCP/IP data sources
- nmea disable NMEA support
- nmea2000 disable NMEA2000/CAN support
+ nmea0183 disable NMEA 0183 support
+ nmea2000 disable NMEA 2000/CAN support
ntpshm disable NTP time hinting support
ntrip disable NTRIP support
oceanserver disable OceanServer support