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ExactImage is an image processing library which reimplements ImageMagick
functions with a significant speed improvement. The library also provides
several new algorithms: lossless JPEG transforms and creation of searchable
-PDFs from hOCR annotated HTML. There are bindings for PHP, Lua, Perl, and
-Python. See /usr/doc/exact-image-*/examples/ for information on using
+PDFs from hOCR annotated HTML created with an OCR program such as Tesseract or
+Cuneiform (available at There are bindings for PHP, Lua, Perl,
+and Python. See /usr/doc/exact-image-*/examples/ for information on using
exactimage with Perl, Python, PHP and Lua.
-This requires agg. lua and evas are optional dependencies, as is bardecode,
-but bardecode is not available from
+ExactImage requires agg. Lua and evas are optional dependencies available at, while bardecode is optional but not available.