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+Libslack is a library of general utilities designed to make
+UNIX/C programming a bit easier on the eye.
+It's a small library with lots of functionality, accurately
+documented and thoroughly tested.
+Good library naming conventions are not rigorously observed
+on the principle that common operations should always be easy
+to write and code should always be easy to read.
+Libslack contains the following modules:
+agent - agent oriented programming
+coproc - coprocess using pipes or pseudo terminals
+daemon - becoming a daemon
+err - message/error/debug/verbosity/alert messaging
+fio - fifo and file control and some I/O
+getopt - GNU getopt_long() for systems that don't have it
+hsort - generic heap sort
+lim - POSIX.1 limits convenience functions
+link - abstract linked lists with optional growable free lists
+list - list (growable pointer array) data type
+locker - abstract locking and reader/writer lock implementation
+map - map (hash table) data type
+mem - memory helper functions, secure memory, memory pools
+msg - message handling and syslog helper functions
+net - network functions (clients/servers, expect/send, pack/unpack, mail)
+prog - program framework and flexible command line option handling
+prop - program properties files
+pseudo - pseudo terminals
+sig - ISO C compliant signal handling
+snprintf - safe sprintf for systems that don't have it
+str - string data type (tr, regex, regsub, fmt, trim, lc, uc, ...)
+vsscanf - sscanf() with va_list argument for systems that don't have it