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-Qt is a cross-platform C++ application framework. Qt's primary feature
-is its rich set of widgets that provide standard GUI functionality.
+Qt is a cross-platform C++ application framework. Qt's
+primary feature is its rich set of widgets that provide
+standard GUI functionality.
-This builds the legacy 5.7.1 version.
+The following are optional dependencies that Qt will link
+against if they are detected at build time:
-Optional dependencies: unixodbc, freetds, OpenAL, libwebp, opus, snappy,
-wayland, and postgresql
+libwebp opus pcre2 snappy libinput
-Optional dependencies: openvg and firebird (not available
-Note1: To build documentation pass DOCS=yes to the slackbuild
- DOCS=yes ./qt5-legacy.SlackBuild
+To use Qt's built-in ccache option:
-Note2: To build examples pass EXAMPLES=yes to the slackbuild
+ CCACHE=yes ./qt5.SlackBuild
- EXAMPLES=yes ./qt5-legacy.SlackBuild
+To build the documentation:
-Note3: To build support for proprietary media codecs (note that this
-will produce a non-redistributable package in some countries) pass
-PROPRIETARY_CODECS=yes to the slackbuild
+ DOCS=yes ./qt5.SlackBuild
- PROPRIETARY_CODECS=yes ./qt5-legacy.SlackBuild
+To build the examples:
+ EXAMPLES=yes ./qt5.SlackBuild
+To build support for proprietary media codecs:
+ PROPRIETARY_CODECS=yes ./qt5.SlackBuild
+(this will produce a non-redistributable package in some
+To disable support for pulseaudio:
+ PULSEAUDIO=no ./qt5.SlackBuild
+(Qt will automatically detect if pulseaudio is not installed
+at build time and disable it if it is missing.)
+To NOT build qtwebengine (EXPERIMENTAL):
+ WEBENGINE=no ./qt5.SlackBuild
+Combine any or all of the above.
+After upgrading Qt5 it is important to rebuild qt5ct too, if
+it is installed, or some applications may not display or
+function correctly.
+There is a qt5-legacy (5.7.1) SlackBuild that is available
+for older applications that do not run correctly with this
+version. However it will not coexist with this version.
+Please report any problems about applications that don't
+work correctly to the Qt5 maintainer or to the mailing list.
+* Using ccache should speed up subsequent rebuilds, but may
+ be slower for first time or one-off builds.
+* Building the documentation and/or examples creates a
+ significantly larger package.
+* Successfully tested so far without webengine (VERY quick
+ tests):
+ QMPlay2
+ qt5ct
+ qbittorrent-qt5
+ speedcrunch
+ qca-qt5
+ psi-plus
+ sddm
+YMMV whether it works with an application or not, but if you
+have no intention of using the browser code, which includes
+a chunk of 3rd party Google Chromium source, then it may
+make sense to skip it and save yourself about 2/3 of the
+build time.
+The package version has _nowebengine appended to it for