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+This program operates an X10 module via a CM11A computer interface. It is
+based on the program X10 by Larry Cambell as modified by Paul Fox. All but a
+few functions have been changed enough that they no longer interwork with
+the original. I think this justifies issuing the program as 'heyu' instead
+of 'x10'.
+The program name comes from the old joke about having a 3rd person in the
+house. Ida No was the one frequently blamed when things went wrong. In my
+house it was the frequently heard yells of "Heyu! Turn off the lights!"
+A poor joke, but I like it.
+The program is strictly command line driven, and works well with crontab.
+Crontab can be used to schedule events. You can also upload timers and
+macros to the CM11's memory.
+The program comes complete with source code, sample config files, MAN pages
+an executable binary. The program has options to allow you to:
+ * Get the date and time from the interface
+ * Get information about current settings and module states
+ * Turn an X10 module on or off
+ * Dim or brighten an X10 module
+ * Monitor all data sent to or from the CM11A
+ * Get the status of intelligent X10 modules (rr501 for instance)
+ * Set the X10 clock from the computer's clock (time and date)
+ * Zero out the macro and event memory of the X10
+ * Upload macros and timers
+ * preset the dim level of advanced two way devices