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@@ -4,18 +4,18 @@ library.
You can enable a lot of optional (not-autodetected) features by
passing variables to the script (VAR=yes/no ./ffmpeg.SlackBuild):
-AMRNB=yes|no (default: no), requires amrnb (creates non-redistributable binary)
-AMRWB=yes|no (default: no), requires amrwb (creates non-redistributable binary)
DC1394=yes|no (default: no), requires libdc1394
DIRAC=yes|no (default: no), requires dirac
-FAAC=yes|no (default: yes), requires faac (creates non-redistributable binary)
-FAAD=yes|no (default: yes), requires faad2
+FAAC=yes|no (default: no), requires faac (creates non-redistributable binary)
+FAAD=yes|no (default: no), requires faad2
+GSM=yes|no (default: no), requires gsm
JP2=yes|no (default: no), requires openjpeg
LAME=yes|no (default: yes), requires lame
OPENCORE=yes|no (default: no), requires opencore-amr
+RTMP=yes|no (default: no), requires rtmpdump
SCHROEDINGER=yes|no (default: no), requires schroedinger
SPEEX=yes|no (default: no), requires speex
-VDPAU=yes|no (default: no), requires libvdpau and vdpau capable gpu
+VPX=yes|no (default: no), requires libvpx
X264=yes|no (default: yes), requires x264
XVID=yes|no (default: no), requires xvidcore
@@ -23,4 +23,7 @@ ffmpeg is built with runtime cpu detection by default, which might
have a quite big impact on performance. You can turn it off by passing
RUNTIME=no to the script, but this creates a non-portable binary.
+Make sure to run this script in a real root shell ("su -") and that you
+have either tetex or texlive installed.
All of the mentioned requirements are available from