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+mpv is a movie player based on MPlayer and mplayer2. It shares some features
+with the former projects while introducing many more. It supports a wide
+variety of video file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types.
+mpv homepage:
+optional: lua, libquvi, lirc, libbluray, libdvdnav, enca, ladspa_sdk,
+ SDL2, jack-audio-connection-kit, pulseaudio, OpenAL, wayland, vdpau,
+ oss, libbs2b, portaudio
+Dependancies are autodetected. Some optional dependencies are disabled by
+default and may be enabled (see BUILD_OPTS). Optional dependancies that are
+enabled by default may be disabled (see BUILD_OPTS).
+The default number of jobs to be run during the build process is set to 1;
+To override, set NUMJOBS to your preference prior to or at build time. If
+you run into suspected bugs with mpv, I recommend first building and installing
+mpv with NUMJOBS set to the default of 1.
+To override the default for build options, set the shell variable BUILD_OPTS
+prior to or at build time. For example, to enable cdda and openal, which are
+disabled by default, you could use the following:
+~# BUILD_OPTS="--enable-cdda --enable-openal" ./mpv.SlackBuild
+or, if you use fakeroot to build packages:
+~$ fakeroot env BUILD_OPTS="--enable-cdda --enable-openal" ./mpv.SlackBuild
+The following list is meant as a note to myself of build options or optional
+dependencies currently unavailable via full Slackware installation and from SBo:
+libfdk-aac, vapoursynth, libguess, libiconv, rsound