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@@ -18,24 +18,13 @@ Dependencies are autodetected. Some optional dependencies are disabled by
default and may be enabled (see BUILD_OPTS). Optional dependencies that are
enabled by default may be disabled (see BUILD_OPTS).
-The default number of jobs to be run during the build process is set to 1;
-To override, set NUMJOBS to your preference prior to or at build time. If
-you run into suspected bugs with mpv, I recommend first building and installing
-mpv with NUMJOBS set to the default of 1. e.g.:
-~# NUMJOBS=2 sh mpv.SlackBuild
-or, if you use fakeroot to build packages:
-~# fakeroot env NUMJOBS=2 sh mpv.SlackBuild
To override the default for build options, set the shell variable BUILD_OPTS
prior to or at build time. For example, to enable cdda and openal, which are
-disabled by default, you could use the following:
+disabled by default, and to build with four jobs in parallel, you could use the
-~# BUILD_OPTS="--enable-cdda --enable-openal" sh mpv.SlackBuild
+~# BUILD_OPTS="--enable-cdda --enable-openal --jobs=4" sh mpv.SlackBuild
or, if you use fakeroot to build packages: