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@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ wxWidgets class library. It was originally forked from the xMule project,
which in turn was forked from the lMule project. This is turn was the
first fork of eMule to run nativly on Linux and other Unix-like systems.
-wxGTK is required for this to build; at least version 2.4.x of wxGTK is
-needed, but version 2.6.x is recommended (available at
-cryptopp is also required.
+This requires wxGTK and cryptopp.
+It was reported that aMule doesn't work very well (or at all) with
+cryptopp 5.6.0, so version 5.5.2 is recommended instead (you can build
+version 5.2.2 using the same build script for cryptopp-5.6.0).