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+0) Before installing BASE
+0.1 Necessary packages
+BASE requires a running installation of Snort, saving events to a database,
+either directly or through Barnyard{,2}, and adodb.
+I tested this with:
+ - snort-
+ - barnyard2-1.8
+ - adodb-5.11
+Snort (with our without Barnyard) should be working fine, saving alerts to
+your database before attempting to install or configure BASE.
+0.2 Necessary PHP modules
+For the graphics to work, you will need to get some modules from the PEAR
+You can download & install them with a few simple commands, presuming you
+have a working internet connection. If you do not have internet access on
+the system where you are setting up BASE, check the pear instructions on how
+to download the packages and install them on a separate box.
+ # pear install Image_Color-1.0.4
+ # pear install Image_Canvas-0.3.2
+ # pear install Image_Graph-0.7.2
+1) Configuring BASE
+After installing the BASE package, point your webbrowser to:
+ http://<yourserver>/base
+and follow the five steps to configure BASE.
+The last step is to copy the created configuration settings from your browser
+and save it as:
+ /var/www/htdocs/base/base_conf.php