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-Leafnode 2 is an NNTP proxy server intended for small sites, where
-there are few users and little disk space, but where a large number of
-groups is desired. It can also be used to give a regular newsreader
-off-line functionality.
-There is some work to do to install this program effectively, all
-of which is clearly set out in the README file contained in the
-documents. It is strongly advised that you read this file thoroughly
-before installing Leafnode 2. In summary you will need to:
-1. Ensure $NNTPSERVER or /etc/nntpserver points to 'localhost'.
-2. Set /etc/inetd.conf so leafnode is executed for incoming NNTP connections.
-3. Set /etc/hosts.deny and /etc/hosts.allow to protect the server.
-4. Create /etc/leafnode/config and adjust settings as required.
-5. Set cronjobs for fetchnews and texpire.
-6. Fetch the newsgroup list from the upstream server.
-7. Set your newsreader to use 'localhost'.
-Future versions of Leafnode 2 will have access to the lua programming /
-scripting language so we will be sitting tight with this particular version
-of Leafnode 2 until the lua-enabled version has matured a little.